Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed

Do you live in Southwest Florida?

Does your air conditioner provide you with the coolness that you expect?

Do you look for new ways to stay cool and cut costs?

Unfortunately, not everything you read or hear regarding your air conditioner’s efficiency and lowering your costs are true. It’s can be hard to determine what has merit, and what doesn’t.

There are many myths out there that propose different ways to lower your air conditioning expenses.  Learn about the nine common myths that are circulating about air conditioning, when it comes to:

  1. Closing Air Vents
  2. Sealing the Ducts
  3. Running Ceiling Fans
  4. Bumping Down the Thermostat
  5. Neglecting AC Maintenance is OK
  6. Upgrading to Larger AC Unit
  7. Tinting Windows
  8. Paying for a Maintenance Plan
  9. Finding the Cheapest Company

Discover the best ways to lower your cooling costs, while enjoying the refuge of your air conditioned home during the hot days ahead.

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Avoiding these myths will help you keep your air conditioning costs low and your house cool.

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