My A/C unit needs to be recharged. Is using the R22 refrigerant illegal?

You have probably heard that R22 refrigerant, Freon, is illegal. Some A/C companies are even telling their customers that it is illegal to have an air conditioning system that uses R22 as the refrigerant, and that they need to replace their system!

This is totally NOT TRUE! The fact is that the United States and other nations have entered into an agreement (The Montreal Protocol) to progress towards the total phase out of production and usage of HCFCs (R22) in the future, by certain dates. This does not make it illegal to have the R22 refrigerant in your existing A/C system.

If your existing A/C system uses R22 as the refrigerant, this should not be the deciding factor on replacing you’re A/C system. R22 refrigerant is like any product that is being phased out of production gradually, when the quantities become limited, the cost will increase. This will tend to make any repairs, requiring refrigerant, more expensive. However, it doesn’t mean you need to replace your A/C system.

If you have any questions or are being told you have to replace your system due to the R22 refrigerant, contact a reputable A/C contractor. They will give you the advice you need to make an informed decision.

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