My air conditioning and heating bill is high. What are possible sources of this problem?

There is a chance that your air conditioning and heating system isn’t running up to par. You may want to consider having a full diagnostic system check to ensure that everything is running correctly.

Here are some common operating defects and possible problems:

  • The air conditioning and heating system will not operate at all: power may be off, controls may be improperly set, or the system may be inoperative. (Confirm that the system has electrical power and that all of its control switches and thermostat are set to “on” and “cooling” positions.)
  • The air conditioning system operates but does not produce cool air: It’s important to identify the problem as specifically as you can: is the fan or compressor running without the other? Does the unit work sometimes, but not always? Be sure to take a second to observe operation before you cut power to the unit.

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