Should I keep my air vents open or closed to save money?

Not sure of the best way to keep your house cool while saving money on your utility bills?

Have you read that you should keep your vents open?

But your neighbors tell you should shut them!

Air Vents

If you decide to close the vents, especially in the rooms you don’t use, you’re wasting money.

Each room has heating and cooling vents as well as cold-air returns to keep the air moving.

When you close your vents, return ducts can also start pulling in outside air from improperly sealed vents, windows, and doors.

With too many air vents closed, your AC system works harder, and this decreases your efficiency.

To increase the efficiency of your system and save money, keep your vents open.  

Other Ways to Increase Efficiency and Save Money

Work with a licensed and insured HVAC company to:

  • 1. Routinely have your furnace cleaned and your ducts checked to see that they are sealed properly.
  • 2. Determine any adjustments that can be made to improve your system’s efficiency.
  • 3. Update your system whenever necessary.

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