Honeywell Thermostat Lyric™ App

Lyric™ App

Ready to take the next step in controlling your thermostat from your smartphone or tablet?

Taking your thermostat to the next level by controlling it from an app on your smartphone or tablet can be a big step forward from the traditional way of controlling it. The Honeywell thermostat Lyric™ App offers a forward thinking application which allows you to control your thermostat at home or when you are away. And it's easy to use and operate.

What can the Lyric™ App do?

The Lyric™ App allows you to change heating and cooling settings, as well as set up advanced preferences for temperature, humidity and outdoor weather, from your smart phone or tablet. The app also offers an “Away Setting” when you step out. It gives you full control over your comfort and savings.

How do I use the Lyric™ App?

Login and set up your account using your smartphone or tablet. The app walks you through the process.

What special features does the Lyric™ App have?

The Lyric™ App also offers shortcuts for customized settings, geofencing when you leave or return to your home, and smart cues that send you messages if something changes.

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Take a moment and review the Lyric™ App video from Honeywell. 

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